Nottingham City Guitars Fret Work

At Nottingham City Guitars, we re-fret vintage guitars and other instruments using quality 18% nickel-silver fret wire. We generally use Jescar frets. Other brands are available. We also use Evo-Gold, which is nickel free and much harder wearing.

There are many fret profiles available and cost of the work varies depending on the condition of the fingerboard, any lacquer work or neck binding. Re-fretting includes a new nut and set up as part of the service.

Often frets can be dressed without the need for a re-fret. Fret dressing levels all frets and removes any dents or flat spots. Frets are then re-profiled and polished and the guitar set-up. A neck can usually be dressed twice before needing a re-fret. We will advise if a fret dress is necessary or preferable to a re-fret.


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