Nottingham City Guitars Testimonials

Andy is very nice and very knowledgeable – he fitted a pickup to my old acoustic guitar on the same day and gave me some excellent advice. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him, especially if you know next to nothing about the technical side of guitars and amps. Great experience. Samir Goswami
Had cobbled together a bunch of parts to build a guitar but didn’t have the tools or knowledge to put it all together into a great guitar. Andy was great, and much faster than I had expected, and now I have a new fave Strat! Excellent service, would recommend. Seb Burch
Superb shop – unpretentious and friendly. I bought my 335, a Cornell amp, a Mayson acoustic with Marshall amp and numerous pedals from Andy, who has a wealth of knowledge and is always helpful. Jon Emmerson
Just had a pro setup completed on my USA Strat including some fret dressing to get rid of some nasty fret buzz. Guitar feels and sounds great. Cheers, Andy! Chris Evans
Andy has worked wonders yet again on my latest purchase. This one is quite a rare beast: a 1973 Les Paul Signature. The guitar had been played to absolute death, the frets were down to the board. Andy reconstructed what is a non-conventional complex loom, responsible for the dual impedance set up. The guitar required a total re-fret and fretboard level. The best part of the process was discovering that the fretboard radius was 9.5”. This had the Fender geeks going mad.Andy has re ignited significant life back into a guitar that many would have written off as being past its best. But, Andy has managed to make it one of the best guitars I’ve ever had. 100% outstanding service. I will be back soon.John Smith
Andy did amazing work re-fretting, lacquering and respraying my Strat – and went out of his way to source and fit Kluson tuners. His care and attention to detail are first-rate, and breathed new life back into a much-loved guitar. Highly recommended for the workshop and the product line – I’ll definitely be back soon! Ben Burton
Brilliant shop. I rang in the morning to get a pickup switch fitted and he did it the same day. Guitar sounds great now…fantastic service. Jamie Glew-Osborn
Great guy to deal with and top class guitar at a great price. Can’t wipe the smile off my face! Matthew Elguezabal

Looking for Something Custom?

At Nottingham City Guitars, we offer a variety of custom parts and customising services to help you achieve your perfect bespoke setup.