Nottingham City Guitars Custom

Nottingham City Guitars workshop covers all aspects of service, repair and restoration for acoustic, vintage electric guitars and bass, modern guitars and even the odd cello or double bass.

We would not recommend customisation or re-finishing of vintage guitars. However, we undertake machining, routing and carving of necks and bodies and fitting custom parts and upgrades, including Mastery Bridge and Bigsby. We are currently producing our own custom guitar parts as detailed below. These are available to buy and some are used in our own guitar designs. All parts are machined from Aircraft Grade 6082 Aluminium.

NCG Guitars

NCG Guitars are hand made in our Nottingham workshop. The current range evolved from the original alloy Moneymaker guitar project. Our concepts are original, incorporating as many components of our own design as possible.

We only use top quality materials and woods and wherever possible try to source in the UK, although we do have some great pickups from overseas and currently source machine heads elsewhere.

We have developed are own range of Tele’ and hardtail bridges, along with string trees, string ferrule blocks, strap buttons and the alloy NCG T-Bar. All metal hardware is bespoke and made locally in Nottingham. Other parts are in the pipeline. All bridges and parts are available to buy separately – please enquire.

Some guitars are made from reclaimed woods and no two instruments are the same. It’s the small details that makes all the difference, such as the individual decals, Custom Cooletch pick guards and switch rings, hand made in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Or the Haramis knobs, admittedly all the way from New Jersey. Full details in each listing. Guitars can be made to order, with a choice of finish, necks and pickups.

Custom Guitar Parts

The NCG T-Bar

Routed into the back of the guitar, this is an integral neck plate and string anchor block. Providing a solid structural connection between the neck, body and strings, increasing rigidity, and sustain.

The NCG Ferrule Block

A solid alloy or brass block string anchor, replacing individual string ferrules on the back of your guitar. The next version will incorporate the string block set within the T Bar as a two piece unit.

The Pedal Mule

A new pedal board using reclaimed skateboard decks. Available as a complete board or Bare Bones only, allowing you to use your own skate deck, cheese board, whatever.

Custom Guitar Projects

Hipshot String Bender

Installation of a Hipshot String Bender to a Fender Telecaster. Often referred to as a B Bender or Parsons-Green Bender. This requires a modified bridge plate and a lot of routing! The B string is “bent” by pulling down on the front strap button.

Repair to 1930s Martin F7

Finish repairs to the table of a rare vintage 1930’s left hand Martin F7. The client only wanted the damage to the upper treble bout, about one quarter area of the top, refinishing. This required careful colour matching.

Refinished Strat

Circa 2000 American Standard Strat’, originally a natural finish. Re-finished aged Surf Green nitro’ over vintage sunburst. The paint finish was aged to match a photo supplied, all to the client’s spec. New spaghetti logo to headstock. All new metal & plastic parts aged & distressed. Fitted with Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups, nitro-cellulose pick guard, re-wired, including Luxe Radio tone capacitor.

Any Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions about our products and services, or any queries you have about your guitar or setup.