The Nottingham City Guitars workshop covers all aspects of service, repair and restoration for acoustic, electric guitars and bass, even the odd cello or double bass.

We have our own purpose built workshop on the premises covering all aspects of service, repair and restoration for acoustic, electric guitars and bass, even the odd cello or double bass. Unlike many guitar retailers, we have all the necessary specialist tools, neck jig, spray booth, buffing machine, ultra-sonic cleaner & inspection equipment. Our bench rate is £35 per hour and there is a minimum charge of £20. An electric or acoustic Setup is £45 + strings. Setup with Floyd Rose style bridges £90.

Turn around times vary but typically 10 days. We try to offer a same day service if a job is genuinely urgent. It’s amazing how the right attitude, or not, can queue jump! We hold a varied stock of quality spares including Switchcraft, CRL, CTS, Alpha, Jesecar fret wire, Luxe, Sprague, D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Sfarzo….. We supply and fit MasteryBridge, K&K Acoustic Pickups and Bare Knuckle Pickups. If pushed we can be persuaded to hand wind pickups and do vintage re-winds. We do not undertake amp repairs but highly recommend Martin Cooper of Coopersonic

All prices exclude parts & strings, unless stated otherwise and are applicable to 6 & 4 string guitars.  Workshop terms and conditions are listed on our Terms & Conditions page.

Some of the work we do:

  • Set-ups
  • Re-finishes
  • Relicing
  • Fret work
  • New nut
  • Machineheads
  • Truss Rods
  • Bridges
  • B-Benders
  • Pickups & electrical work
  • Body repairs
  • Custom scratch plates

Some of the work we have undertaken


Re-finishing is done in-house, from application of decals, touch-up work to bodies & necks to full re-sprays and sun burst finishes. Please be aware that the cost of re-finishing can often exceed the value of the guitar and further costs are incurred if we need to strip, reassemble and set up the guitar on completion of works. Generally older vintage instruments will be de-valued if they are re-finished.

Minimum full re-finish cost is £300. Please enquire on cost and time slots available. We would recommend allowing a minimum of 16 weeks for finishing works to allow adequate hardening of new coatings. A typical Tele’ body would be primed, painted with 6 – 8 coats of paint and 6 – 8 coats of clear lacquer before buffing and polishing.

We work with various finishing products including nitro-cellulose lacquers and paints, alcohol stains and water based paints.


If you really must and can’t wait a lifetime please look no further. We can corrode metal work and cause maximum distress to both you and your instrument in a heartbeat. Re-finishing takes a bit longer if you are looking for that authentic worn paint-on-paint effect. The bonus is there’s no hangover involved for a killer 40-a-day habit and there’s no charge for dents or chips. We often work to photographs supplied or for true realism can copy true play wear from our excellent genuine vintage guitar stock. Most relics are totally OTT but it’s your call.

Please contact us for a quote

If you’d like to enquire about starting a new project, repair, or something else, please get in touch.

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