Nottingham City Guitars Workshop

At Nottingham City Guitars we have our own bespoke guitar workshop where we undertake all forms of work, from crafting bespoke guitars to vintage guitar repairs. We perform all work in house where our customers’ guitars are fully insured.

We offer a variety of services including setups, electrical work, fret work, body and neck repairs, pickup installation and rewinds, finish repairs, customisation and hardware replacement – bridges, machine heads, pickguards, knobs, etc.

We stock a range of quality guitar parts including Bigsby, Mastery Bridge, Cream T Pickups, Bare Knuckle Pickups, Switchcraft, Kluson, Luxe, CRL switches and CTS pots. We also carry a small stock of used and vintage guitar parts.

Our turnaround times vary but we always try our best to accommodate urgent guitar repairs. Work is usually undertaken to an agreed fixed price, and a courier service is available upon request. Pre-arranged appointments are preferred and can be booked over the phone.