Featured Custom Work

Installation of a Hipshot String Bender to a Fender Telecaster. Often referred to as a B Bender or Parsons-Green Bender. This requires a modified bridge plate and a lot of routing! The B string is “bent” by pulling down on the front strap button.

Finish repairs to the table of a rare vintage 1930’s left hand Martin F7. The client only wanted the damage to the upper treble bout, about one quarter area of the top, refinishing. This required careful colour matching.

Circa 2000 American Standard Strat’, originally a natural finish. Re-finished aged Surf Green nitro’ over vintage sunburst. The paint finish was aged to match a photo supplied, all to the client’s spec. New spaghetti logo to headstock. All new metal & plastic parts aged & distressed. Fitted with Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups, nitro-cellulose pick guard, re-wired, including Luxe Radio tone capacitor.

1980 ES 335 Pro. The guitar had been previously butchered with the installation of a Strat style trem’. Top and centre block were repaired with a maple insert and then re-finished with an aged vintage Goldtop. Brought to life with a Bigsby B5, Bare Knuckle Stormy Mondays and a Custom Cooletch scratch plate. All to the client’s spec.

Vintage style rewiring using all new parts with original specification cable and shielding. We supply & fit Luxe Radio Capacitors. No shiny solder!

Custom Built Guitars & Re-finishing

We build our own range of Telecasters, Stratocasters and Les Paul Juniors. There is a choice of top quality hardware, such as Mastery Bridge, Hipshot tuners, Wudtone neck plates and USA spec’ electrical components. Hand wound pickups to any spec’ you require or alternatively our stock Bare Knuckle Pickups are another option. Your choice of maple, rosewood or ebony finger boards and any size fret wire. Throw in a Parsons-Green B-Bender on your Tele’ if you want. Prices start from around £1500 for a complete guitar, depending on specification and finish.

Various finishes are available, we usually work in nitro-cellulose based lacquers & paints.

We are happy to work with your parts, if you happen to have a bag of bits you wish to get a tune out of.

Some customers prefer an aged or reliced look – again we are happy to discuss your requirements and can create an aged look on most wood, plastic and metal parts. Re-finishing and relicing starts from around £300 and depends if we have to strip and reassemble the guitar. We do occasionally receive requests to re-finish old and vintage guitars. In most circumstances this is not recommended and will substantially de-value the instrument.

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