Covid 19 Policy

May 12, 2020

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Trading with Covid 19 – we are ready!

  1. The shop is cleaned regularly, door furniture and contact areas sanitised.
  2. Kerbside drop-off and collection by phone / email request.
  3. Hand sanitiser for customer use at the entrance and in-store.
  4. Face masks and gloves available on request.
  5. 2m social distancing to be maintained at all times.
  6. Handling instruments and amps by request only. Customers must wash and sterilise hands before and after use. Instruments are cleaned with alcohol after use. Washing facilities are available.
  7. Instruments brought in for repair will be left four days before being worked on.
  8. Products sold on-line are cleaned with alcohol before packing and shipping, where previously handled.
  9. Payment by contactless, card, cash or bank transfer.
  10. Appointments at any reasonable time, 7 days a week, available for exclusive access or demonstration. Please email.
  11. If making a special journey please phone as opening hours may vary.

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