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June 27, 2013

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What puzzles me about all this Vintage Sound stuff is nobody, or very few of us still breathing and in control of all essential faculties, actually know what these critters sounded like when they rolled off the belt at Fender. Here I’m referring to my earlier blog on vintage pickups, please keep up.

Just what exactly has a little rust and half a century added ??? Or taken away ??

And don’t forget that most of those Guitar Gods of the day were probably using pure nickel 12’s or 13’s with a wound 3rd – bet you never thought of that – let those fingers bleed if you want authenticity.

While were at it I’m not convinced about all that wood nonsense. Let’s face it a great guitar player could make a scaffold board & baling wire sound good.

Soulful & bluesy ?

If only you could ask those poor bastards shackled in the plantations all those years ago. That’s really where it all started and they didn’t even have an instrument.

More on wood stuff later !!

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