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Cornell Romany 12 Reverb


The Romany was re-designed in 2016 and gets back to the roots of classic American amplifier design much favoured by many legendary Blues players or anyone seeking that classic overdriven sound. Originally designed for studio or home use, but easily loud enough to play small gigs when mic’d up.

If you only buy one amp, make sure it’s this one. At a very loud 10 watts, the amp is huge on tone with switched output reduction circuitry between 10 watts – 0.05 watts – in other words, you won’t fall out with your neighbours if the amp is used at home. Switching also allows EQ cut and provides a variable tone from clean to overdriven.

Hi & Lo inputs, Bass, Middle & Treble control, EQ cut, Accutronics long spring reverb tank. Single-ended class-A cathode bias. 2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC81, 1 x 6L6GT. 12” Jensen speaker. Classic looks with quality lacquered tweed covering, leather handle, chicken head knobs. Weighs a manageable 29 lbs / 13 Kg, 530 x 430 x 230 mm

Hand-built in Southend, UK.

Artists who have used Cornell include Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Hank Marvin, Wilko Johnson, Andy Fairweather Low & Robin Trower, to name a few.

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