18th April

April 19, 2013

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Just returned from a local council planning meeting at Rushcliffe Borough Council. I can fully understand headlines now when we read “local man goes mad with machete….”

For those not familiar with such things, councillors not machetes, the elected great and good, or should I say egotistical failed wannabe politicians, pontificate on building design and development within their local borough – giving it a thumbs up or down.

How many great building schemes have melted away through such a stone-age system. Councillors dismembering building designs, contrary to advice of their own professional Planning Officers and with no respect for talented hard earned architectural qualification and schemes prepared at huge expense and great consultation. I cannot believe how bloody ignorant, hypocritical and narrow minded they are. Many barely breathing, 500 years old, if a day.

I think every Joe Public should have to attend one of these just to see how their hard earned coin is wasted.

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