Through a deft combination of experienced handiwork – and faith in room-temperature – you brought my warp-necked Mexican Fender Jazz bass back to life. I thought I’d lost her – you felt differently! The set-up and action are better than they have ever been.


Hi Andy

Just a quick message to say thanks in regards to purchasing the 1997 Gibson Les Paul off you today, top quality guitar at such a great price and sounds awesome driven through my Orange valve amp. I just want to add that your shop has such a relaxed atmosphere without the usual sell sell sell bollocks that other guitar shops seem to push on you.

Hi Andy,

Just want to thank you again for setting up my Strat. Since you’ve sorted it out I literally can’t put it down – it’s a completely different instrument so thank you. May have to bring my other gear down to you!

Hi Andy

Finally fitted this Mastery – what a great bit of kit. I used it in place of the TERRIBLE bridge that comes with Bigsby B5 kit – night and day and worth every penny!

Thanks for stocking this.


Hello Andy,

I’ve got my guitar. It sounds amazing! I will just rebuild one strap pin for better balance.

Thank you for a very fast delivery, clean frets & new strings and your support!

Best wishes


Hi Andy

I’ve just received the compressor, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s simply perfect! I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service, and the fast delivery.


Hi Andy,

I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did in setting up the SG for me. It has gone from being a guitar that I could not bring myself to pick up to being a pleasure to play.

Thanks again.


What a difference a good set up, and pot and wiring change makes. You’ve done a great job, fantastic work again the Tele sounds fantastic.

There are plenty of decent guitar shops, there are a few amazing guitar shops, there is only one @nottmguitars #simplythebest #Nottingham
Perry Holmes