Vintage Brown 10

£949.00 £875.00

10 Watt Combo 12” Celestion V speaker

Stepped output 10 watt – 1/8 watt

Vintage refers to the 1980s sound. Brown refers to the tone sort after by many guitar players of that generation.

After the Plexi sound of the seventy’s, many amplifier makers were adding pre- amp valves to obtain extra distortion. All kinds of attempts were employed to achieve that distortion sound you get when you turn off the amp and as the amplifiers voltage dies away, a particular distortion occurs.

By control of the amplifiers output power linked to the preamp gain the Cornell VB range is designed to emulate this 80s phenomenon.

Many 80s guitar players developed a way of controlling the amplifier from the guitars volume control and discarded the need for distortion pedals that coloured the tone.

By incorporating the Guitars volume control as part of the Vintage Browns amplifiers pre amp design, the amplifier will deliver plenty of gain to drive the output into more than a normal amount of distortion.

Control the amount of gain by increasing the guitars volume control, back off the guitar volume and the amp will clean up.


Watch Lee Hodgson demonstrate the new Cornell Vintage Brown 10 here. More information available from

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