Single Coil Strat’ Pickups


Vintage style hand scatter wound single coil pickup. Alnico V magnets, staggered poles. High grade 42 AWG enamelled 180 single coat copper wire. Hand finished black vulcanised flatwork. Complete with mounting screws and springs or tubing. Waxed cloth covered leads. Pickups are wax potted. Pole pieces varnished and sealed to flatwork.

Pickups are offered with a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser. We don’t include a “listen-to-this-great-sound video”. That’s a bit like watching an advert for the best colour TV in the world – on your old set….. If you don’t love the sound simply return within seven days for a refund.

Full sets can include RW/RP to middle pickup or Alnico 2 & 3 magnets. Flush pole pieces available or reverse stagger for left handed instruments or that Hendrix tone!

Optional screened pickup leads and cloth tape protection to coils if required.

Please email for availability. Pickups are hand made to order with delivery around 5 days.

Individually priced at £48 each or £135 for a matched set of three.

Pre-wired scratch plates with pickups installed. Vintage or custom spec’s. Treble bleed kits. Full aluminium shields / copper foil. Please email for prices / spec’.

Vintage style hand distressed covers at £1.80 each when ordering pickups.
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