Pete Cornish SS-3 Overdrive


Pete Cornish SS-3 Overdrive

Grey box. 9v battery or separate mains adaptor (not supplied). Think Hendrix to Gilmour.

To quote Cornish – “The Pete Cornish SS-3™ is great for crunchy rhythm and a nice thick bluesy lead; the sound is very much like an overdriven vintage valve amp. The SS-3™ is a firm favourite of David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. It has the best bottom end retention ever heard in an effect, whilst the mid-range is sweet and very transparent. The SS-3™ retains all the tonal nuances of your guitar and will make it come alive. It is subtle and yet capable of amazing power and sustain. Using the SS-3™ with a clean amp it is possible to progress from subtle overdriven amp sounds, through rhythmic crunch, up to a blues’ lead. The tonal characteristics and dynamics of the guitar are maintained even when using this pedal at its maximum gain.”

With box & instructions.

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