Effectrode Tube-Drive


This beautifully built all tube overdrive pedal can create a wide palette of tones from rich, full-bodied blues, to authentic classic rock distortion and even smooth, creamy modern guitar tones. The Tube Drive™ contains Threedual triode tubes operating at 300VDC and biased to produce extremely symmetrical signal clipping across 6 cascaded gain stages. In practice this means the pedal responds empathically to pick attack with a smooth and graceful breakup characteristic on low drive settings, producing an expressive warm blues tone.

Guitarist Magazine review of the Tube Drive overdrive

Increasing the drive introduces rich and musical harmonic overtones that pack serious punch for a larger-than-life, “hot-rodded” amp tone. The tone quality of the Tube Drive exceptionally musical, organic and sounds distinctly different to pushing an amp with a solid-state diode clipping or even hybrid opamp/tube overdrive pedal and it won’t mask the natural sound of your guitar and amplifier.

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