feed the world Rant

Feed the World

Listening to reports of corruption surrounding the world cup kicking off, or was it that…
15th March 2016
Mojo Working Rant

Mojo Working

Just comatose on the sofa with a proper dose of Plague, none of that light…
24th October 2014
Paint It Black Rant

Paint It Black

Saturday afternoon painting the shop. I used to spend Saturdays totally chilled one way or…
24th September 2014
day tripper Rant

Day Tripper

Late night, bored surfing the ether I spot an ES 335 up for auction, no…
30th August 2014
Hand Wound Rant

Hand Wound

Assuming you are still alive and having carefully extracted your guitar from some orifice, following…
18th May 2014