Polythene Pam

Another Black Friday passes me by uneventfully. It would do. I don’t subscribe. Complete tosh.…
26th November 2018
Demolition Man Rant

Demolition Man

We’ve been open over five years now. Not here today, gone tomorrow as suggested in…
15th November 2018

Here Comes the Sun

A glorious scorching red hot poker of a summer. Records broken again. Temperatures hover around…
1st October 2018
Powder Finger Rant

Powder Finger

So the world wakes again to another US shooting atrocity. Yet another homegrown nut job.…
2nd May 2018
money for nothing Rant

Money for Nothing

Carelessly checking my bank account the other morning I spot a few unrecognised transactions, about…
19th July 2017
Knock on Wood Rant

Knock on Wood

This is about CITES and wood so bear with me…… Idling the evening away, Lego…
16th January 2017